Taylor Ridge Vineyard

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Taylor Ridge Vineyards

Grapes and Juice for the Home Winemaker

In 1975, we began planting our vineyard for the purpose of supplying home winemakers with a variety of locally grown, fresh grapes for winemaking. We now raise 21 varieties including Vinifera, French hybrids, New York and Minnesota hybrids and the traditional American varieties, Niagara and Concord.

In 1980, we added a cooler and press so that we are now able to provide fresh, lightly pressed juice that has settled and been chilled to retard fermentation. Our grapes are all hand picked and mostly grown on our own farm. Those that we buy are grown locally. We cluster, thin and open the ripening grapes to full sun by combing out the individual shoots. In order to assure the best quality grapes, we comb and remove excess leaves. Our grapes are hand picked, crushed, pressed and immediately chilled to 35 degrees. This Cold stabilization process acts as a natural filter and removes much of the sediment.